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AKroell Mobile Development

Full stack mobile application development - amazing user experience - tailored to your needs.

Social Integration

Let your users seamlessly integrate their social media profiles in your app. Login, Share, Connect.

App Analytics

Track all key app usage events so you know exactly how users engage with your mobile content.

Quality Assurance

During app development, we make sure your app is widely tested for quality, edge-cases and performance.


Technology Stack

Don't force it, get a bigger hammer! - Dads everywhere
We make sure to use the right tools for the job.

Web Applications

For us Angular is the clear winner of the Javascript frameworks. It allows for quick prototyping as well beautifully crafted complex applications.

Landing Pages

You need a single page to represent your business online? Bootstrap is our way to make this happen for you. If you want to provide your customers with regular updates - we upgrade to wordpress.

Cross Platform Applications

Ionic 2 is our weapon of choice for cross platform applications. Save time and cost for simple news and loyalty apps.

Mobile Applications

Make your users feel at home with a platform specific user experience. Our native developers use Java and Swift to implement engaging mobile applications. Keeping up to date with the latest design principles is a priority for us.

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